Today’s homeowner lives in a digital world. Together we can build homes that puts you in the driver’s seat. Our- solutions will let you watch, listen, and play when, where and how you want. Let us bring life into your home.



Information is power. You de- serve a home where ques- tions can beanswered and voices can be heard. We can help build the infrastructure where voice and data co-exist seamlessly and you are always well connected to the digital world.



Energy costs are rising. The big- gest savings are in electricity and climate. Our intelligent sys- tems will give you peace of mind and the sense of security you demand. With your ideas and our brains in harmony, we can work together to create a home that keeps giving.



These solutions provide an opportunity to exponentially increase the value of the home while at the same time provide convenience for you and energy conservation for the environment. With today’s technology it is now possible to control every system of the home through automation. With a touch screen you can command lights, shades, audio, video, security, HVAC, irrigation, and many others. With automation it is possible to sim- plify a series of tasks with the touch of a single button. To put it simply, we make it easy to use.

  • Thermostat
  • Appliance Control
  • Surveillance
  • Energy Management
  • Media Servers
  • Solar Panels
  • Audio Distribution
  • Video Distribution
  • Intercom


This is the most important part of a Digital Home. This package is customized around the size and/ or needs of the home. RG6 is used to distribute television and Cat5e/6 is used to distribute voice and data. As a standard we will terminate up to 8 TV outlets and 8 phone outlets as well as 4 data outlets. All wiring is home-run to a struc- tured wiring panel to provide easy access and trouble- shooting. Additional drops may be necessary to facilitate advanced features such as premium audio, video, and home automation options. Structured Wiring Add-On Options.

  • Additional TV Locations
  • Satellite Pre-wire
  • Additional Voice Locations
  • Camera Distribution
  • Additional Data Locations
  • AdvancelP Features


Give the yourself that special place to watch movies and listen to music the way it was meant to be; in surround sound. This solution is wired for five speakers and a powered subwoofer. We will work together to determine the proper locations for equipment and speaker placement. This also in- cludes pre-wiring for an IRrepeater to hide the equipment out of site and running cables tothe TV will never be a problem with included future-proof conduit.

  • Additional Sources
  • Addiotional Zones
  • In-room local Inputs


The same high quality distributed audio, now in six rooms of the home. Six sources built in allow the home- owner to play what they want, where they want. An Advanced Digital Keypad can control sources directly without the need for a remote. An ex- ternal amplifier provides more power to speakers and can be daisy-chained to add additional zones. Serial control gives the ability for the system to be integrated into amore robust home automation solution.

  • Addiotional Zones
  • Upgraded Speakers
  • In-room local Inputs
  • iPod Dock
  • Touch Screen Keypad


Ultimate quality distributed music in at least six rooms of the home. As well, we will pre-wire 2 other rooms for system expansion. This solution provides digital keypads for indi- vidual room control and one cen- tral touch screen. Daisychain mul- tiple units or add more touch screens. In-wall iPod docks allows you to control an iPod from any zone in the house. Designate a space for equipment rack and you’re on your way to a true Smart Home.

  • Trim-out Additional Zones
  • Integrate with Phone/Intercom
  • Home Automation Ready
  • Central Equipment Rack
  • Additional Touch screens
  • Video Ditribution


The premium TV solution gives you greater flexibility for future technologies. In addi- tion to the standard RG6 at each television location, the premium solution adds addi- tional Cat5e/6 to the wall plate for video sharing and control. With the added Cat5e/6 it is now possible to distribute HDTV quality audio/video to every room in the home from one central hub.



Place a wireless access point in a central part of the home for reliable wireless Internet wherever you are, even outside. The access point is professionally installed in the wall or ceiling so no wires are seen.

  • Multiple AP
  • Internet/Data Surge


Securely access the Internet from up to four locations around your home. The router will be installed in the structured wiring panel making access plug and play. This will give you an easy and reliable way to share printers, files and figital content.

  • Addiotional Locations
  • Internet/Data Surge
  • Wi-Fi Access Point


Combine wireless and wired connections for the best flexibility. In addition to the chosen hardwired locations, you will have convenient WiFi throughout the home. With WiFi you can have three hardwired locations.

  • Addiontal Locations
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Internet/Data Surge


Communicate throughout the home with an intercom station in every room. This solution will pro- vide units in three rooms and a door station. In addition, we’ll pre-wire three additional locations for future needs. These units have baby monitor and Do-Not-Disturb functionality.

  • Extra Room Unit
  • Extra Door Unit
  • Desktop Unit
  • Patio Unit


Add an additional three intercom units in desired locations and we!ll pre-wire for a second door station. We’ll provide an upgrade path to integrate the intercom systeminto the distributed audio. This solu- tion is expandable to include every room in the home with intercom convenience.

  • Extra Room Unit
  • Extra Door Unit
  • Door Strike
  • Up to 36 Rooms


This solution integrates seamlessly with the premium distributed audio and home control solutions. We’ll pre-wire central locations to be outfitted with color touch screens and pre-wire for cameras to be placed at entrances so you can see who is at the door. Door strikes can be installed to unlock the door remotely.

  • Color Touch Screen
  • Camera
  • Door Strikes


With our telephone solutions you can distribute up to four phone lines thoughout the home. We can integrate with standard landline and the newer VoIP lines. The system integrates with the security system so in the event of an emergency any line can be seized to allow the system to alert the monitoring station.


Our home office solution is perfect for those of you that work from home. From one convenient connection plate you will have access to phone and fax lines as well as a wired Internet connection. We will run a cable TV outlet as well so the you can watch or record TV on you PC. Wheter your ISP provides Internet Via cable or DSL, this solution can handle your needs. Depends on the PC system used.